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1969-12-31 16:00:00

I have not worked for a travel portal, but I used to be a website developer for an airline's website.

We first had to have a Sabre license.  Many airlines use Sabre, but not all of them do.  A Sabre license was pretty expensive - unless a person is very rich, they could not afford to buy one just for fun.

We could have written our own code to open a TN3270 connection to Sabre, and "screen scrape" but instead we purchased a Java library to do this.  This library was called Datalex.  I would imaging there are similar products available for .NET, etc.

1969-12-31 16:00:00

They are linked through affiliate links. You go to the websites and sign up to become an affiliate. Lets pretend you want to make links on your website to travelocity flights for you go to and look at the bottom of the website. You will see the words "affiliate program" in small letters. Like this:
Click on that to sign up. Once you sign up, travelocity would give you links for whatever flights you need links for. They may even have links that self update if you want a website that updates itself. So if you want to promote hotels, find a hotel affiliate...check at the bottom of their page for the words "affiliate" and sign up with them if you want to promote hotels....this is how you do it. Just sign up for affiliates, choose what you want to link to, get the links, and put the links on your site. Then you have to log in to the seperate websites to see how much money you are making. If you sign up for travelocity and for example, you will have to sign in to both of them to see how much you have made for each.

Bo$$ Lady
1969-12-31 16:00:00

A travel portal needs a website but how the airlines, hotels, cruises, buses, rails are linked. Is it GDS or linking of individual airlines websites, etc. I need more information on this