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Michael K
1969-12-31 16:00:00

Hi, Krista,
If you don't see the other answer, here's my suggestion: fly to California and then take a ship or go by ship all the way from Seattle.

Good travels to you and your pup.
The Muse

The Muse
1969-12-31 16:00:00

If you are traveling with your dog to Hawaii, you'll have to abide by all quarantine requirements to do so.  This includes your dog traveling by cargo as your dog will travel directly to the quarantine facility from the cargo hold of your plane.

Check with your vet for tips of how to transport your dog if you're concerned with their respiratory system.  I'm sure your vet will know what your dog is or isn't capable of during travel.

I would suggest you check out the website below for information on quarantine requirements.  You might be able to shorten your pet's quarantine stay if you follow the steps correctly.

Good luck and happy traveling!

1969-12-31 16:00:00

I would simply call the airline or send them an email and ask about the breed flying, however there are shipping companys that will fly your pet over if the commercial airline wont, just google it, they offer pick up and delivery services, but probably cost you around 200 or more to do so. But beware there are rip offs out there, I would suggest you choose a service with a paypal option that works.

1969-12-31 16:00:00

It is true that most airlines do not allow dogs with shoved-in faces to travel in cargo.
Also true that most major airlines require pets being imported to Hawaii to be shipped as checked baggage.
THAT being said.....
We brought our dachshunds over (LAX-HNL) in April 2004. At that time there was one airline that allowed pets in cabin trans-pacific; ATA. As far as I know, they still do; best advice I can give you is to call them!
Of course this is ONLY on their flights into Honolulu, as all pets must pass through the quarantine station there.
They take the animal from you at the door of the plane as you disembarke (like in the area where you pick up baby strollers, etc - before you actually walk to the terminal through the tunnel) and take them to the quarantine station while you go the long way around.
There was a 9" height limit which I am sure a Shih-tzu would qualify for; you do "lose" a piece of carry-on luggage (and they charge as much as if they'd checked the animal!  Still as I recall it was less than the other airlines were charging at that time.)
You might need to take a flight down to LA in order to catch the ATA flight, but most airlines allow pets in cabin over land.  Your main problem that way would be pottying the pup in LA, unless you take her outside the airport them come back through security.  Is she trained to piddle pads?  LAX-HNL is a good 5 hours.
You DO know about the hoops you need to go through in order to import a pet to hawaii??? Start early!

Karen W
1969-12-31 16:00:00

I hope it's not true that airlines don't let this breed travel in cargo because of their noses (pugs too i've heard). Obviously, I don't want to endanger my dog but I have to get her there somehow. Hawaii requires that all incoming animals arrive in cargo not the cabin.  I am moving back and won't leave my little pup behind. Any suggestions or alternatives? Mahalo!