Scotland is situated in North Europe and is adorned by so many landscapes which enhance the beauty of this region. This beautiful country is renowned for a lot of things including castles and whiskey to name a few, however is best known the world over for its national dress. This region of the world is rich in history - resulting in a landscape full of astounding castles as well as forts. As far as the traditions and culture of Scotland is considered, they are also very rich specifically in both food and drink. Haggis is the most favorite Scottish dish which is made out of the insides of sheep through oatmeal and usually served with turnips plus potato. This dish is not liked by all people but don t worry because they also make some great drinks. Edinburgh is the capital of this magnificent country and this is an outstanding example of Georgian urban architecture, dating back hundreds of years.

Travelers always love traveling this beautiful side of the world because it gives immense pleasure to them. The most interesting thing you would find while traveling to the Scotland is that there are direct flights from the majority countries of the world into its main airports. This country has a big railway network and this big network provides very reliable services to the passengers. This is very good idea to purchase a rail pass if you are planning to use the Scottish rail system regularly. If you are traveling this fabulous country and you are also an outdoor achiever then this host country would let you enjoy a large amount of outdoor activities including rock climbing along with mountaineering. These are very well-liked in the west of Scotland and on a couple of other islands. If you are in Scotland because of the traveling purposes then never forget visiting national parks which are full of astounding and wonderful wildlife as well as rare plants. Rare chilly plants grow on the highlands with a lot of birds of prey, for instance eagles plus kestrels found in the highlands. On the other hand, walking is tremendously trendy in the Highlands of Scotland as the huge open pure landscape is a perfect spot and the majority parts are open to the public and pony trekking is also very in style along the Highlands and in the open countryside. This dazzling country also hosts big centers for water sports and the majority of these centers are appropriate for the learner.