There are a number of chances if an urgent situation or emergency while you are being a traveler on tour of America or any other destinations for that stuff. This is not an easy task for the traveler to deal with emergencies in USA and often it is extremely tough to find help on an urgent basis. If you are traveler and interested in visiting America then you should keep few things in mind and the foremost thing to know is the 911 which is the emergency contact number for all such conditions. You should always keep in mind this number and every time you are in a shaky or insecure situation just call 911 for the best available help in that situation. While traveling USA you might have to face the situation when your wallet is lost or stolen and to cope with such situation you should always hide a few $100 bills in your sack, socks or other area where it is hard to reach. After that, without any delay just cancel credit and debit cards and do not wait on filing a complaint to the police and after canceling the credit or debit cards, go to the nearby police station and file a report.

And in case if the passport is lost then surely this is very maddening because the passport is your coupon to travel liberally. Each time you face such an emergency situation in USA you have to individually reach US Embassy or Consulate or your countries consulate so that to get proper help which will make it easier for you in getting a new passport. These are few things which should be in your mind and instead of making mess in frustration you take wise steps in order to get rid of such situations.

At the same time, this is always greatest to stay careful and be prepared for emergencies. What would you do in case if you have missed the flight or how are you going to cope with health insurance in case you meet with accident or fall sick. You should always have your bags locked with you in order to avoid any mishap. No doubt, nothing is better than being cautious and watchful and avoid emergency situation - preferably the best method to manage it before it can ever strike. On the other hand, USA is a friendly country plus you must be able to get help at close distance.