Germany is one of the most ideal and fantastic countries for traveling because of its relaxing and beautiful atmosphere. You can enjoy your holidays in a very relaxing manner in almost all cities of this fabulous country and in any part of the year. The large cities are perfect for shopping lovers because there are many shopping malls offering all varieties of all kinds of things. The most interesting thing is that weekly markets are arranged in all towns in addition to the Christmas markets generally begin at the end of November. Euro is the currency of this country and the travelers from outside the European zone are allowed to a VAT refund on any non-edible goods that are purchased in German shops. People of Germany are famous because of their efficiency, as well as this is reflected all through their transportation system. Their rail structure is matchless and makes traveling from city to city a true enjoyment. The majority of the large German cities have very efficient and well-organized underground rail system with a regular snappy service.

As far as the climate of this spectacular region of the world is considered, this is different in almost side. In the east the summers are extremely hot and the wintry weather months are very chilly while in the north the weather is extremely cool throughout the summer and the winters stay gentle. Ideal season for traveling to Germany is autumn and this is very exciting thing that the majority German cities arrange culture festivals throughout September and October. If you go there in the month of October then make it sure that you visit the city of Munich because there you can experience the biggest beer gala in the world and sample some of the most excellent beers that are brewed in Germany. On the other hand, music festivals are also arranged and they mostly held throughout the summer and autumn months. Keep in mind that extraordinary music festivals are held annually for well-known composers; for Beethoven the fair is usually arranged in Bonn plus in the state of Thuringia a festival is usually held for Bach. If you travel to Germany then definitely you would come to know that winter holidays are tremendously pleasurable in Bavaria which is the biggest of Germany s sixteen states and these you can get pleasure from a skiing break in the Alps as well as the Black Forest.