The Great American Road Trips are at risk. It is still loved by people who love to drive on Sundays, who are looking for adventures and who wants a simple family picnic but it is against the influential modern rival of high rate of gas. It is cheaper to fly across the country than to drive, means that we are lead by choices than necessity. Pop culture for many years had represented themselves from these American Road Trips and we should not lose it. That doesn t mean that we should go on road trips even when it is not affordable. We have a competition here between the high rates of gases and road trips lovers; it is not good for the travelers.

So we should take immediate precautionary measures to overcome this situation. So we should not be blown out of the fact that we can t stand up against the high rate of gas and the power of long division. All we should do to defeat the strongest enemy which is killing the tradition of American Road Trips is few people who do not mind to extend few hours of the company which is closed. We have a definite winner! So travelers start calling your friends, make an army and jump on the roads with your cars.

Let s have a look on the principles in action. If we look across the country we have a drawing inspiration of Jack Kerouac who is Beat Generation road tripping master. To make it interesting we will look at it as a class three math word problem.

Problem #1: The distance between New York and Los Angeles is 2788 miles. Your car gets 25 miles to the gallon. If gas costs $4.44 per gallon how much will it cost to drive there and back?

Answer: A lone ranger should expect to pay a gruesome $990.30, more than three times the cost of a round trip plane ticket between the same cities. It might looks like you will not be able to go anywhere in summer holidays.

So ask for your buddies and see their power and long division, and let's work that again, this time using Larry, Moe, Curley, and Shemp into the equation.

Lets try and find out better example; as $990.30 / 5 = New York or Bust and back again for less than 200 dollars a person. That's more like it.

The result shows that you have a greater possibility of traveling as you are ahead and have ample time to drive which is total of 41 hours and 39 minutes. Here is the method the group road trip uses to approach this challenge. Have you ever heard about sleeping/driving rotation it is where this unofficial term is used: like one person switch to driving when other gets tired, one sleeps on the backs eat while other drive and the cycle repeats. But you should know the moral code of many road tripping that it is better to stay up and entertain the driver so that he do not dose off while driving. Listen to you favorite songs or eat chewing gum to stay up especially at night. By using this same method you can even try reach New York form Huntington Beach on Wednesday night to reach there by Friday.

This opens the door to long day trips as well. Five hours one way is nothing to a group of four or five friends. Lets take another example there is a concert in New Orleans and you live in Houston; so it will charge you 123.54$ for gas and you are five and half hour away and you also have work tomorrow. You have to get back to work also but it will be worth the effort you are making. But, making the day trip with your cohort: possible, painless (though maybe a wee bit cramped), and an affordable $25.65 each.

This solution is for saving the jeopardizing status of the Great American Road Trip; if this will give a heart faint it will also give faint cash. Al you need is help from your friends and you can make a difference and see Great American Trips trend in another generation and have some fun on our highways and byways.