It is scheduled that first Space Hotel will be open in 2012, it will be a master piece of qualified work of establishing with some form of space intelligence, which is estimated that it will pay its employee from 80,000$ to 90,000$ annually. Government spends money on earth which is associated with any type of space program. The huge numbers of baby boomers who wants retirement is same as the players line-up on the football field. For that NASA has to have home team s financial backing to maintain their status quo.

Private sector will sure get it attention and give light, because NASA is continuously struggling for budget and financial problems to make the operations work; even if they refuse to work on the future launchings and space tourism. In addition to this there are many thing like NASA s shuttle operations and Bigelow s statement is getting affecting by the inflation and the US dollar dropping value.

In spite of all this the space industry is now ready for 200 reservations for the space flights and it is busy developing the entirely different style of jobs of the hotels. The Space Adventure based in Vienna will be hiring 10 tour guides to assist the travelers in the space hotels. So the budget is 20 million dollar for one week stay in International Space Station and 15 million for 11/2 hour walk in space. They already have wealthy costumers on their lists who also attended the training.

Hilton Hotel, is one of the well known hotels of the world are also thinking of developing the space hotel in next 15 to 20 years. Robert Bigelow is an ancestor of race to space with his Sun Dancer which is close to leave for space forward of the It may seems unbelievable on one side but on the other side it is also considered as the market worth billions and trillions only if the economical and technical hurdles can be overcome. So, the competition has started with the Hilton s entry in the space game, they even hosted a space conference with the name "Commercialization of Space". Then the Space Frontier Foundation was also held annual conference in Los Angeles, where addressing was done by NASA Administrator Dan Goldwin.

Goldwin came up with the idea of "public space travel" which has many possibilities, particularly with such upgraded space technologies in the corner. Big private companies and travel agencies are working together to make this dream come true. They are trying to develop an industry for next generation and create a possibility of space tourism, orbiting hotels, spacewalking, etc while trying to make it possible to have accommodation for NASA researchers.