Vacation planning can get really stressful. Don t ignore the small most important details; when you want to take your pet along. Follow these tips before you take them with you.

Animals have distinct nature like humans. So if your pet is not use to the changes in their routine life so he can trouble you, so it s better to leave them with your friend or family member who they are familiar with. Otherwise you have to follow the usual routine of your pets. You can also take stuff which your pet play with at home or else take something which can give him a feeling of easiness in new place. Many public transportation have rule that you cannot sit with your pet, so take a stuff toy or a small pillow and put a perfume on it so that he don t panic in this condition.

You should take your pet to the Vet as a foremost thing when you plan your trip. Veterinarian can tell you what medication your pet can take while traveling to keep it calm. A quick check up is also necessary because it is good to take measures if there is something wrong. Else you can get your refill of your medication, if your pet is on any. One thing will be very useful which is current on their shots, especially when you are traveling through bus, train or plane and crossing borders.

You should not leave the vet's clinic without checking microchips because they are reliable, quick and very easy to implant it on your pet. The one advantage of it is that it reduces the chances of loosing your pets, because they can get lost anywhere anytime. While the chip has information about your pet like the address, name, vet clinic information, medical condition etc. So if they get lost anyone can get information about it from any veterinarian as soon as they scan the animal.

All you have to do is to make sure that you filled all the forms which are required to make that chip active. Do tell your vet that he have to tell you any thing which your pet required while on the go and you can also take care of everything yourself too. Internet is the savior and you can easily find out the lists. Intelligent vet will give medication or injection to protect your pet from any sort of allergy or prevention from heartworm, flea or tick diseases.

Another important thing is shelter which also comes in your trip planning. Everyone knows that it is difficult to find a place for your pet is difficult in a new town so you can find best information from your vet. So if you decide to leave it then you can also board your pet. Visit pets, it s a nice website which has good information about the pet friendly places like shores, parks or resorts. Read about policy of animal internationally or nationally, or else you can chat with other people and shares your view and vice versa. If you travel by car or by plane you can take your pet along easily but it will be hard if you travel by train or bus because they usually don t allow it. So read a lot about what do you have to do to take your pet in your car like buying a harness to tie up your dog in car; make sure that strap on is detachable easily because you dog needs to stroll at every stop.

For cat there are carried in which you can make your cat comfortable and all. So you should have all information about traveling with your pet to avoid any sort of inconvenience during traveling.

Well its should be prohibited to leaving your dog in your car for a longer period of time because many died last year as it is really hot in the car. So don t leave them in for long, keep your window open a little bit, park the car in shade and try to keep an eye.

When planning for any trip you take decision quickly, so make sure that if you are traveling with your pet you know all the basic rights of the pets. You should inform the pet friendly resort management that you are bringing your pet, so that you don t face any hassle during your trip. You should follow traveling tips to make sure that you have a pleasant trip and you enjoy your vacation.