After you get discharge from the Yanhee General Hospital, Thailand; you should spend some quality time with your family there and check out the wonderful city Bangkok. You should take out some time for the vacation because you will feel terrible if you waste that golden chance.

Bangkok is relatively a economical place where you can have fun and stay in a nice hotel without having a hug chunk of your income disturbed. Even after your treatment you won t feel any pressure on your pockets for staying there for some time. Usually patients are required for some follow ups in the hospital so this will be a healthy decision which you make to stay there for some time and see what Bangkok offers to its tourists.

Exhilarating city is a perfect blend of historic tradition and modern technology. Bangkok is a combo metropolitan city which offers everything which a traveler is looking for. One can fine anything there from the latest fashion to the mouthwatering culinary bliss

Fascinating Museums, gigantic temples, magnificent palaces will surely give its visitors a flashback of history. Among all these the temples are the most splendid piece of art to be seen while your stay in Bangkok. You should have at least 2 to 3 days to see all of these sites, if not than try to see those temples which are the most beautiful in the town, ask your tour guides to take you there.

There are many sites which are worth your time and you can see many amazing places in Bangkok which has the best architectural buildings of the world. These palaces offer complete tour giving you the opportunity to experience the grand architecture from inside and the surrounding lawns and fountains.

You can do a lot of things while you are staying in Bangkok and give yourself an indulgence after your treatment at the Yanhee Hospital. For those that prefer a more structured tour, there are many different tours available for you to take. The rich culture of Bangkok will show the best sites of your life. You can also check out the places which you wouldn t if I don t tell you that the river cruise tours are available at your service, you can relax and have a dinner with your loved ones above water!

For the adventurous traveler, there are many tours which can add excitement to your vacation. Explore and try new things which these recreational tours are offering, different packages at a really affordable price in Bangkok.

Hope you don t want to feel like a criminal by going back home just after you get done from Yanhee General Hospital so enjoy the city and give your family a surprise and thank them for what they have done for you, while you were staying at the hospital; give them a beautiful memory which they will cherish their whole life, and surely they also want to come back.