Victorinox was originated in the year 1884 and is in the market since 1897. Swiss army knives were the first famous global product which also made many costumers from around the world. The company made its strong first impression on those people who use multi tools for daily needs. These products got recognition from all over the world and are considered as most user friendly tools provided with safety and are also easy in use. Swiss army knife is a red colored tool which has many multi purpose tools attached to it like a bottle opener, scissors, pliers, knife, screw driver and many other things. Victorinox has produced high quality Swiss army products which are available at cheapest rates.

Swiss army luggage has these army knives and many other products produced by Victorinox in year 99 . Other product of Victorinox includes garment and bags, backpacks, fanny packs, laptop cases, briefcases and messenger bags. Later it produced many other products to increase its range like umbrellas, toiletry holders and some other accessories. Swiss army luggage became the most essential things while travelling. There is no question about the high quality of Swiss products which is also become a standard for most people. Swiss army luggage has maintained its standard for years and has developed a trust and made loyal costumer.

There is more to the list of Swiss army luggage; there are valuable accessories which were made for the loyal costumers like apparels, kitchen cutlery, travel gears, and watches. These over-engineered and high quality products have can be divided into three types.

  • First type is the Tour Bach is known to be the best quality of the Swiss army luggage.
  • Second is the Mobilizer NXT which has a target market of frequent business travelers and comes in the mid range.
  • Third is the common variety which serves any traveler s need and is the basic luggage. Basically for those who are looking for high standard at cheaper rates.