South America has astonishing set of wonders to travel which include both natural and cultural which can be experienced. It has greatest things from the world like the greatest rain forest, spectacular waterfall, the highest waterfall, the greatest river and also the classy significant cultures; there is everything for you to experience the whole continent. Here is the top ten list of traveling destination, everything is a must see.

1. Machu Picchu and Inca Trail (Peru)

Area is surrounded by a thick forest which can be accessible form famous trekking and hanging on a mountain top, where you can see amazing Incan stonework and experience the religious sites which makes Machu Picchu a magnificent cultural destination.

2. Iguazu Falls (Argentina / Brazil)

The most amazing waterfall of the world is Iguazu Falls which is also known as a natural miracle and its 250+ cascades thundering over an eighty yard cliff!

3. Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)

The greatest wildlife show on this earth is found on Galapagos Island where in Darwin's laboratory you can see all the unusual mixture of wildlife which includes, a flightless cormorant, giant tortoises and iguanas that have amazingly adapted to this volcanic barren land.

4. Amazon River and Rain Forest

You have the extraordinary experience of your life by spending time on the river or walking on the forest tracks of Amazon basin.

5. Easter Island (Chile)

Stone statues are given new meaning in Chile as that you will witness the isolated past civilization on this remote Pacific island, the moai (stone statues).

6. Patagonia / Torres del Paine (Argentina / Chile)

In this far Southern state of America gives you ultimate spiritual outdoor experience by providing you with flamboyant blue lakes, plummeting cascades and saw-edged mountain peaks.

7. Andes

The second highest mountainous range is in your range and you can have the adventure of hiking and climbing on the snow covered mountains.

8. Angel Falls (Venezuela)

In the remote are of Venezuela forest you will see these amazing falls tumbling over half a mile. You will have an unbelievable sight to see as it fall themselves.

9. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

The golden beaches or the raucous Carnaval fiesta or the glorious panoramas make Rio the one of the most famous city of South America list also include Christ the Redeemer statue and Sugar Loaf mountain.

10. Nazca Lines (Peru)

Traveling is given a new meaning when you visit Peru where you get to see mysterious giant animals including a spider, hummingbirds or a condor. It has unusual geometrical designs which are marked in the dry and sandy Peruvian desert giving it a look of an old culture; best enjoyed in planes.

South America has an affluent collection of travel wonders and experience the breathtaking natural settings of forests, magnificent glaciers and gigantic waterfalls to culturally-rich and significant cities. Travel with an open mind and enjoy this enthralling and assorted continent.