You need to have the job position in your mind before applying, some positions need special qualifications like children s rep. You have to be at least of age 18 and positions are acquired by those who are of age 21. There is no formal qualification required for the positions like holiday reps etc.

However, good grade in GCSE or A-level may make a difference in Travel and Tourism. Even any experience of customer service will be having brighter chances to get selected in the recruitment team. Even if you are studying you can do this job as a part time or your full time job on daily basis. There is also no requirement to speak a different language but good communication skills will definitely make a difference (although it will help if you do so make sure you mention it).

Your Key Responsibilities As A Rep.

  • Give preference to every costumer and treat them individually and provide them with your best service.
  • You should know al the things about your area, because you have to answer the costumer promptly and give all the information you have.
  • After the company tour you should get a feedback from customers.
  • You can consult the Resort Manager of Team if required and try to deal with all customer problems efficiently.
  • Make sure customer communiqu is delivering in the same order of company s rules.
  • Make sure everything is on time from the airport to hotel accommodation, and the health & safety has been checked.
  • You should update the team leader if you have any suggestion about improving the service.
  • Make sure any things affecting clients satisfaction are brought to the attention of the Resort Team Manager.
  • Enhancing the customers' holiday should be your foremost duty and you can do it by working along the suppliers.
  • You are responsible for the hotel reservation and make sure that you are giving them what they have ordered for.
  • Conduct a welcome meeting to get to know them.
  • You should give all the information about their planned holiday and the tours so that they know everything before hand and be on time.
  • Keep in mind that you have to get sales goals, by selling excursions or car hire or telephone cards or any other new products and services which is launched by the company.
  • You have to sell a reliable product to gain the costumer trust than so make the decision effectively.
  • You should have tiniest information about the product you are selling to your costumer because; otherwise he will not trust you.
  • You have to tell the feedback to the company because it will help in improving the service.
  • You have to guide and assist your costumer on the sold excursions.
  • Keep doing the paper work on daily basis so that you remember everything which will not trouble you later.
  • You will be responsible for all the money you have collected, so keep it safe and make an account.
  • Try to complete the report or forms beforehand to avoid mishaps.
  • Be attentive and keep administrative deadlines in mind.