Population of Caglary is not increasing at the rate the CTrain rider ship is and currently surpassing the every LRT system in North America, Toronto and Boston as well. Why? Because it's that good.

Calgary's CTrain was founded in 1982, since then it s running successfully has been running and known as the best LRT systems in the world. It is a modern LRT system and is powered by twelve windmills in Southern Alberta and it is a wonder of power energy supported by the Canadian oil industry. It does not fossil fuels and is able to create absolutely zero emissions. It can have the rapid transit buses along with 33 free parks and ride facilities as it is supported by an extensive transit system making everything easier for regular travelers to take advantages of this great resource. From the Northwest of the Crowfoot Trail it has almost 38 stations on two lines to reach the northeast as far as McKnight-Westwinds or to Somerset-Bridlewood in South. While train runs every 5 minutes even in hours of rush, giving a free downtown core rider ship. Trains run every 5 minutes during rush hour.

Calgary homeowners have this great news for those who are looking for a house to buy. These LRT stations has increased the values of real estate by 10 percentage which has also increased the re sale value. But currently the city has widespread plans for expanding this system; it will provide potential home buyers with major real estate investment opening. Within the next four years the following are the lined up projects like Tuscany and Rocky Ridge, Glendale, Shaganappi and Signal Hill. Even within 15 years there are communities like Eau Claire, Douglasdale, MacKenzie Towne and Auburn Bay which will have stations.

Calgary home buyers are even attracted towards the deal of buying a home which is outside the downcore as because they are lower in price, low taxes and bigger spaces and the major reason is that they are easily accessible to CTrain. Free parking is offered at 33 stations named as Park and Ride facilities for those who want to take the train to work while park there car at station. As the use of car is lessened due to the CT train it will benefits in eliminating traffic jams, accidents and other perks which come along driving; how can one forget it is saving money as lower fuel costs and also exercise.

The bond is getting stronger between the CTrain and the Calgary's real estate history and is also becoming the vital part of its future. It all started in 70s when Calgary boomed with the oil trading, massive development in real estate: it was the time when the city started to develop with speed, while homes, subdivisions and communities started to get populated to the prairie landscape and then the CTrain started constructing by the end of the decade. Today, Calgary is attracting new residents from all around the world and it is predicted that it will be steady next 15 years. This is a very strong public transit system which has regular travelers and even those who own cars; it is has turned out to be a pretty nice way to get home to boot.