The Alaska Marine Highway is one of the most popular and inimitable highways of this world because of the thrilling journey with lovely drive. How many times have you noticed the snow filled mountain peaks, ice age glaciers, hillsides blanketed with spruce and hemlock or beaches or streams in one driving trip? Have you ever seen rolling white water Rivers testing with mettles of Kayakers and rafters or taking a sea kayaks out in open sea in the glaciers and humpback whales?

The Alaska Marine Highway System is very advanced and has ferry car system which can carry travelers to 32 communities in British Columbia, Alaska and even to Washington. The only Lifeline for these logging communities and remote fishing are just 11 ferries which are all along on the South-Eastern Alaskan shoreline. Most visited places by the highway travelers are Anchorage, Denali National Park, Fairbanks, and the Matanuska-Susitna Valley.

But route has more to it, it is obviously cheaper and a nice alternative to the cruises. These services of ferries give more freedom than cruise ships. Like for example the Matanuska ferry carries around 499 passengers, and have 4 additional four-berths, 21 three berths, and 80 two berths cabins. These cabins may not be compared to luxurious cruise cabins but they are a lot cheaper than them, and meals are also additional.

Round about 88 vehicles can be held on ferry car deck (numbers vary). Drivers have the option of planning their own routes and can explore the beaten track. So whether try going to Skagway, Alaska, for example, and drive home through Alaska Highway.

So the Alaskan glacier, Matanuska , which is in Bellingham, Washington State, and is about 80 kilometers away from the south of Vancouver, British Columbia. It will take around eight days for a return trip along the Inside Passage, it stretched to 1,700 kilometers and also wend its way all beside the coast from side to side for more than 1,000 islands.

You will be surely amused by the ferry which has the cocktail lounge, gift shop, cafeteria, and also a huge lounge with compelling sceneries. Glassed solarium has covered the upper deck and reclining seats for those who don t want to spend their time and money in closed cabins. Don t worry the airplane style chairs are comfortable enough to spend a night, you an even use showers in washrooms for those who are staying in upper deck. In summers campers pitch their tents on upper deck.

The Matanuska have a self service cafeteria and does not have dining room service. There is a long menu which is available at very reasonable price. You can have different sizes while ordering omelets and you will be served with three main dishes in lunch and dinners. Food includes salmon, red snapper, fresh salads with sandwiches and soups else you can also order burgers or French fries.

Ketchikan, Alaska's southernmost city is 36 hours away and is the first port we touch in the sea. Waterfront can be seen for a long distance, and is build on the Tongas Narrows on piles, while you can step up with wooden steps to climb steep hillside.

Ferries don t wait for anyone because they have to reach the destination in time so all you will have is an hour or two at each stop. You can do shopping in Ketchikan tourist sight. Don t forget to check out the Dolly's house on Creek street, the home and madams work place and the museum.

People spend their Sundays for relaxing and sight seeing but sometime you will get orders to stay off the bridge because of the killer whales. Wrangell, the next stop is the only community which has the three flags of different nations flying over it. Stockade was built in Wrangell by Russians in 1834, which were brought by United States later. Gold miners also moved out of there to Cassiars and Klondike. You should not miss the beautiful beach spot where you can find petroglyphs carved by prehistoric Indians.

The next stop is Petersburg, which is the home of major halibut fleet in Alaska and proud owner of Scandinavian heritage. Next morning you will be taken to Juneau, Alaskan capital - and wake up early morning and don t miss the Mendenhall glacier just before the ferry enters the terminal. It is 22 km away terminal from the north of Juneau, you can use minibuses, taxis to reach the town. Then take a walk through the streets and you will see the terminal is 22 kilometers north of Juneau, but there is a good minibus and taxi service to town, a bustling community long before gold was discovered in 1881. You will see a lot of historic sites while having a walking tours; you will love the gold nuggets and fossilized walrus tusk jewelry. Just about 10 minutes away you can see the largest concentration of brown bear living on Admiralty Island.

As the ferry heads to Haines, which is a trading post, it will take an hour to reach to Skagway. It is wonderful place which is still able to preserve the gold-rush town and it is a century turn- which is 800 km north, Klondike. Than from Skagway, the ferries will retrace its route to Haines and Juneau, then bypassed to Sitka, Alaskan capital. An extinct volcano, Mount Edgecombe, will be seen and with a background of towers. Sitka is influenced with the Russian influence: Also try to vist the famous St. Michael's Cathedral church.

While traveling the Alaska Marine Highway in ferries you will find theatres showing films and documentaries on Alaska and the outdoors also provide with the educational and entertainment programs. Isn t it more than enough to convince you to travel through Marine highway as there is a lot to see and do on the way.