Spring is the best time to travel when the summer is over and winter is getting started. So you can enjoy the weather and dance under the falling leaves and something which also fits in your budget. Promise yourself an unforgettable tour treat on your retirement travel plans. Of course you want something really different to do this time around. So play it smart as a mature traveler and travel in groups; they are those people who have same interest as yours.

The group might have different people some who wants to collect leaves and stick in their scrap book, other just take photographs and while some just enjoy the scenery! Some might make a video of falling leaf to share it on YouTube.

One can also celebrate birthday, anniversary or a renewal of marriage vows on this bright trip and try bringing family along and share this milestone. You can try having a second ceremony of a wedding or engagement on a smooth spot and surprise your loved one.

You can travel with church members and go on a motor coach ride throughout the North East. Go on the New England cruises which also give you high standard accommodation to make your journey unforgettable. Or else you can contact people who you knew from the internet world and have a real acquaintances with them.

In America and Canada there are many fall foliage tours to choose from, giving you huge variety of different destinations to choose from. So you can see the places which you have never seen before and have fun.

Follow the your Bucket List and enjoy traveling around with different themes. Enjoy your life.