Egypt is a land is 500 thousand year old and is a country of immensely cultural mixture. In major cities of Egypt you can still find tradition which is there since Pharaohs. Many tourist visit Egypt to feel the history which seen in every city and people. Egyptian Pyramids, the Valley of Kings, the Sphinx and many others made Egypt the hottest tourist spot in the world.

Visa is required to enter Egypt, for traveling you need to have visit visa for Egypt which last for about three months and on single or multiple entries. For students and business men there is entry visa which they have to get before traveling to Egypt. Without valid visa you will not be allowed to Enter Egypt so make sure you have all documents and visa approved before traveling. Once you have passed the custom then you are able to travel in this charismatic land.

Traveling by plane: Egypt has following major airports. Alexandria Nozha, Aswan International Airport, Burg Al-Arab International Airport, Cairo International Airport, , Hurghada International Airport, Luxor International Airport, Sharm El Sheikh International Airport. In all of these Cairo International Airport is the most popular one. It is also the main airport which is catering Egypt Air which is the national airlines. While Luxor International Airport is also getting popular. Obviously you will choose the airport which is nearest to your destination.

Traveling by car: You have to keep two things in your mind, firstly that you are above the age of 25 and secondly, that you have a valid visa to enter Egypt from this route. It will be a smart choice of traveling by car and the rentals and petrol prices are relatively cheap and you can save your money!

Traveling by bus: You should prefer traveling from bus, if you have entry visa and you belong to Israel, Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.

Traveling by boat: Jordan, Sudan, Sinai and Saudi Arabia is providing ferry services which is no doubt an interesting option.