Every country has different culture and before going there you have to understand their norms and respect their values. Like you CANNOT just go and start talking to any Islamic women you see in public. Else you can t show how much you are getting amused by Brazilian conversations take place (quickly and vivaciously).

If you watch television than you must notice that how to react with Islamic women; it all is defined by the local culture. Something s are not acceptable like eye contact, shaking hands and culture, eye contact or even if you can approach her or not. Proper etiquette would be learned before going to avoid any sort of embarrassment. Approaching any woman should be taken in account and see how they are treated in that respected country.

Revolutionary women of Japan may feel offended to a gesture which is consider normal in other parts of the world like if you offer her seat in the bus or try to hold a door for them. Conservative cultures do not accept public affections with women like touching or kissing; you have to adopt a reserve attitude for many countries. Wait till women offer a hand shake to avoid embarrassment.

While kissing is usually found positive in cultures, but only between close friends and relatives, for example the bise means touching cheek to cheek only is a French way of meeting a women but you have to wait till woman start it.

Miss and Mrs. Is used to call women to show them respect but you have to take a wild guess whether she is married or single. Staring is not acceptable in any country it is a big sign of disrespect and aggression. There are cultural differences all around whether you are traveling other country or you own, so treat women as per the culture before you make any direct attempt!