Chicago is famous as the Home of the Blues, some call it Da Bears, and other call it Mrs. O'Leary's cow these are slogans which Chicagoans are proud of. Following are the most interesting nicknames that have been inspired by this unique city.

The Second City

It was known as an insult to the name but later turned back into a compliment. It was said that after the Great Chicago Fire in 1871 the name was formed "Second City". While, someone put a twist on it, and said that Chicago was always going to be second to New York City. The nickname got so popular that even commended by improve theater group even though Los Angeles had outshine Chicago in population.

The Big Onion

Potawatomi word which was used to describe a piece of land which will become Chicago is the origin of the word big onion. Checagou means wild or stinking onion or skunk cabbage or striped skunk depending on who you are talking to. These types of onions were native and to the swamp which is now named as Chicago River. In the history of Chicago there are similar words meaning great or strong and is referring to the Chicago River.

The City That Works

This nickname began as a slogan used by or about Mayor Richard J. Daley, who controlled the city affairs of Chicago from 1955 to 1976. It allows to give comments on how did the mayor Daley handled the Chicago's community services. So this slogan is not exclusive for Chicago any longer. Other mayors also wanted their cities to be known as diligent and competent, too, so they wanted to use to slogan for their respective cities like Vitoria (Brazil), Portland (Oregon), Ypsilanti (Michigan), Haifa (Israel) and Stamford (Connecticut), among others.

My Kind of Town / That Toddlin' Town

The famous song by James Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn, my kind of town, was in the movie the Seven Hoods released in 1964. The phrase of the song, that toddlin' town is known to be use for Chicago, which was also used in tow more movies written by Fred Fisher named as the story of Vernon and Irene Castle in 1939 and The joker is wile in 1957. Frank promoted these two nicknames for Chicago in movies and everybody use it to be on the cool side.

The Chill

This latest nick name does not tell us about weather but it is formed by different words given by popular culture; the two words are Chicago, Illinois. It is essential to know the meaning of that abbreviation in today s slang language like LOL means laugh out Loud and everybody mind saying email as electronic email. So Chicago is Chill- a greeted place for hanging out and as there is a lot of chill in winters so some people also call it as Chi-Town.