Hawaii has most visitors at the time of Christmas. Crowded with thousand tourists and celebration at every minute, is all what you have in this exquisite land. Christmas celebration will be undoubtedly different from the many more you have seen in your life. It is a melting pot where a lot of cultures, ideas and way of celebration assimilate to give you a new experience. People of different countries, religion and background come together to celebrate this grand event together. The place is decorated with Christmas trees, ornaments, gifts and smiles on faces.

Just after the Christmas holiday, nobody dare to return to his home until they celebrate the New Year Eve in Hawaii. Outclass fireworks and balloons and lights are displayed 31st December. According to the Chinese saying that by sparkling light the evil spirits vanishes so it is the true description of it!

People who miss out on Hawaiian Christmas and New Year they won t miss famous Lei Day which is celebrated on 1st May. Whole day is celebrated with lined up thrilling activities and celebration on whole Hawaiian island. Honolulu has a tradition that all people have to wear the Lei, a Hawaiian traditional flower necklace. Lei Day celebration include music, hula, and other exciting lei gala.

Hawaii's famous humpback whale is remembered in February. Maui Whale Festival is very famous and is must to see which is mainly held on the Maui Island. These 40 ton huge mammals come to Hawaiian lukewarm water as their yearly trip from Alaskan frigid waters. There is a lot to see on that day like a parade which is done in the honor of the whales and marathon for the whales, special seminars and shows etc.

In March the tourist can enjoy the Honolulu Festival which is a three day celebration. It is a festival which shows different cultures and their heritage with all the people in the world. Guest can see various types of dances and performances of many nations and at the last every nation will participate in the grand parade. In July, over 350 cowboys from different part of the world come together to celebrate the Makawao Rodeo and it is the largest rodeo event in Hawaii. Festival includes live entertainment, dancing and feature rodeo clowns and cowboys extraordinary rodeo style unique.

Halloween in Lahaina is not at all scary; it is branded as the "Mardi Gras of the Pacific." 30,000 adults and children participate in horror-filled event by dressing up for the parade on Front Street. These are the few major events that take place in Hawaii but there are a lot more to Hawaiian trip which will make it unforgettable and experience that will last forever. Treat yourself with a treasured souvenir to keep the memories fresh in your mind.