Man has done many demonic creations which are chaotic for our age and especially as compare to the old biological prototype and decades-old psychosomatic constancy. No, I am not talking about marriage. It is the traveling alarm clocks which screams and explode and buzz. Even the ticks of the clock on sleepless night scare you!

This is not it man is busy experimenting new type of clock which actually gives a frying electric shock to the brain cell. Like somebody is calling you at an odd time and asking for the money donation.

Early Morning:

Have you ever woke up before the alarm clock banged if not then here are some tips:

  • Have you ever seen a dog owner who wakes up late? So get yourself a frisky puppy will help you getting up smiling. He will lick you face like an ice-cream cone and will yap till you go to the bathroom. Dog need love and it will love you back every morning; if you are not a pet lover than stick with your clock.
  • No sleeping pills because they will not let you get up early in the morning. Even if you try to prove me wrong you will not have a fresh morning because of the after effects. You will experience inaudible speech and slow responses. Try hot milk before going to bed and count sheep.
  • Sleep with the curtain open and try waking up with sunlight on your face directly. Else tell someone in your home to do that for you before the alarm clock rings.
  • So while traveling, ask the room service to knock your door or try requesting the reception to ring a bell.

    Sleep Mechanics

    You should understand sleep mechanism as it will help you get better sleep at weekends but not on weekdays. So following natural body pattern and sleep cycle is really important. Everybody fight between the laziness and insomnia, all you have to do is that go to bed only when you feel sleepy but don t deprive your body with the needs.

    Read books on these and now more about the sleeping order. So like I have prove the famous saying, "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man, healthy, wealthy and wise". Just add a phrase to it without an alarm clock for the future kids.