Want to go to a real life voyage? So experience African Safari once in a lifetime. It's like a quest which most people want to do, but when I tried custom designed safari it was awesome. It is designed to give you a real experience and I could feel like I am in real Safari Kay in the great African Serengeti with the wildest of animals in Tanzania Africa.

I stayed at Ngorongoro Crater for two days and saw real wild animals. After that we went to Grumeti s air strip from to Lake Manyara by plane to our next safari camp. We were received by our camp representative and driver. I heard a lot about CC Africa (conservation Corporation) camp but finally got a chance to see it when they took us to the luxury mobile tented camp which is run by Didas Godfrey. CC Africa Under Canvas have this Serengeti itinerant tented camp in which we were traveling and saw the halfway annual migration of zebra and wildebeest. Serengeti is within driving distance of their permanent tented camp.

The Serengeti ecosystem is extended to south-western Kenya from north-western Tanzania on the area of 30,000 sq km and 12,000 sq mi. The Serengeti have the world s major and greatest overland migration, including over a million wildebeest and 200,000 zebras. This is now listed in the top ten world s natural traveling wonders. Serengeti National Park, other national parks and game reserves are in this region. The word Serengeti is of language Maasai, and Serengit means endless plains.

We had to wake up early in the morning, to go to the Safari venture with our guide Jason and he is local. Jason in fact is a Maasai which made him fortunate enough to have great wild life and animal experiences along the natural glory. Masai villages are all over Kenya and Tanzania where all the Masaies live. They are not keen towards any sort of changes which we saw after looking at their native and traditional ways of living.

Jason is also one of the examples of them but e wants to study more about animals and communication and is also thinking of doing research in the relative field which he will decide after taking some assistance form college teachers. If Jason lived with the traditional Masai ways he would become a goat herder or Maasai Warrior (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maasai_warriors). But he is prone to changes and is deciding to do research but it s hard to decide as we know that tradition has been a very powerful influence.

Jason in his cruiser will take us to anywhere where he thought will be a best place to so something new and exciting. We were so sure that wherever he will take us we won t be able to see it without him. In Serengeti we saw many animals roaming around but every time we head off to somewhere we saw something new and all. Jason knew everything about everything he told us facts, history, habits of animal and Serengeti land. Jason s favorite topic was elephants and he would go on and on about them. He told us about many animals and whenever we see any of those we would not feel scared. He was an interesting guide told us all about crocodiles, zebras, elephants, impala, wildebeest and Thompson's gazelles. So even if you travel to the same place in Safari you will have a new adventure every time.