After a tiring week from work and normal routine, some people prefer exploring new destinations and try out things on offers like sight seeing. Cultural heritage or historical places like museums or castles are interests of many people. People have different interests like some want to visit cultural or historical buildings, and some like to go to museum or castle. While others like to involve shopping as well in their trips along with the sight seeing and traveling.

Now the trend is changing, people no more sit home with family on weekend; they prefer taking them to a park or a fun place to spend quality time. It is now easier because of the popular theme weekend packages these days; they are giving people what they want, relaxation and fun to make them happy and tension free.

Considering a Golf weekend would be a far better idea than you roaming around in the market. For the love of golf; try out the Golf Weekend Package which will give you ultimate experience on one of the premium UK golf grounds, will be enough to indulge you in on and off greens. The package includes accommodation, meals and a number of golf rounds. In hotel you can enjoy other facilities like spa, gym or lavish breakfast and dinners. Enjoyment to the fullest is guaranteed.

If you spend your weekend watching games on television; then why don t you have a real experience like a sporting event around UK and Ireland! Giving you the a chance to take in horse racing meeting at Royal Windsor, Ascot, Sandown Park or any of the numerous racecourses. This also includes hotel accommodation; transportation from the racecourse, entry to member enclosure and a luxurious meal in restaurant. Only the race winners are not granted!

Sporting events weekends are not only restricted to horse racing, they also include football matches, golf tournaments, motor sports, cricket and any other sports you think of, so cheer your favorite team, feel the tension of last ball, last out and two runs remaining in a cricket match with and then scream to relief tension.

If you are thinking different like why not watch a theatre than you will be astonished to hear that a chance to tread of board in West End theatre production is also given to you! A sedating idea for a weekend also includes hotel accommodation, entry ticket to the show, meals and transportation. There are other popular choices as well like London's West End playing, Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker and Carmen; in addition to this other theatre performances and concerts are also there to treat you!

Visiting the finest national exhibitions can be included into many activity weekend breaks, so whether you're a nascent gourmet chef, a green fingered gardener or a choc-a-holic, you're well catered for, with weekend breaks available for a host of exhibitions around the country. Take a walk with the Hulk and try out Fiona or Shrek running at the Disney land exhibitions across UK. Else you can indulge yourself with icecream parlours like Baskin Robbins and tease your taste buds.

There are all kinds of Weekend themes are there to give you a memory to cherish and now you don t want to be a potato couch or spend a lousy Sunday at home cleaning your garage. If you try different theme in occasions then your day will be special and adventurous.