Costa Blanca is one of the most popular places in world, famous for beautiful beaches, lively festivals and rich traditional handicrafts. It is also known as white coast, lies in Valencia region of Spain, and in city Alicante. European Union s Blue Flag has been awarded many times to San Juan which is the largest beach. Alicante beaches have easy access to hotels, caf s, restaurants and tourism centers. Famous beaches are Saladares-Urbanova Beach which has lifeguard facility available in summertime and nudist beach at El Cabo de las Huertas. The real club N utico and Alicante-Costa Blanca Nautical Club facilitate with equipments of boat riding.

The Pante n de Quijano, Portal de Elche and La Ereta Park come under the most beautiful parks and magnificent garden with grand sport fields and open area. Canelejas is a huge park with more fun things for families who come to spend the day picnic or relaxation. Natural beauty is to be seen in extraordinary Palmeral park with tropical plants with stunning sceneries to be enjoyed of sea scenery. Theme park, Tossal Mountain, have a mini golf course, while skaters and joggers can enjoy on special designed areas.

Nightlife has got a special place in the heart of Alicante. El Barrio is a vivacious area lined with cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars. Sounds of Live Music like Jazz or Salsa make the atmosphere energetic. People can dance all their heart out in amazing dance clubs like Parad s and Ovuca Club. Most restaurants start serving dinner from 9 or 10 pm, as people prefer eating late to enjoy late nights. Modern and fine dining can be experienced in area near Esplanada which may be your standard. Don t miss the local wines and desserts in Alicante and be sure you buy a handful of local handicrafts. Summer nights gives the most memorable nightlife experience to the visitors when the party-goers take everything to the streets.

Alicante have feast in May June. The Bonfires of St. John is the most popular festival of the year, celebrates in Summer solstice. It has the traditional way of celebration that the people burn their old furniture which serves as firewood; it includes sport matches, firing crackers and stage bullfights. Alicante also celebrates come of the Spanish festivals with enthusiasm. The battles between the Moors and Christians is also commemorate in the city, residents wears the medieval costumes and in procession in streets. Your trip will be surely a memorable vacation with all the carnival celebration around the city.