South African country Namibia is a Technicolor dreamland of natural attractions that amuse visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Rich culture, classical history and tourism attraction for visitors have always been interesting for the visitors. Exhibit cultural values, plain living, rich language and hospitality in people in Namibia has always amazed the visitors from all over the world.

Three months is the valid time period for any visitor to stay in Namibia. Visa is essential to enter the country, but there are countries which do not require visa including, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States etc. Check with the Namibian Embassy or the official website for the visa information for the full list of such countries. Visitors from countries that are not on this list will need to apply for a visa from Namibian embassy or consulates.

Most tourist reach Namibia by plane on Hosea Kutako International Airport. Windhoek city is just an hour away from the airport. This airport also serves Air Namibia, which is the national carrier. Frankfurt s, London s, Cape Town s, Victoria Falls and Johannesburg s tourist can get direct flights to this airport. There is a wide variety of South African budget airlines which is available for service. These airlines have become popular in recent years even though they don t have extra features but only because they offer cheaper rates.

Visitors from neighboring countries like Angola, Botswana or Zambia can also drive to Namibia. It is advised to travel in groups and not to traveling alone, especially after dusk. Although the drive is quite manageable, it is still a long drive on unfamiliar territory. Perhaps other ways are much convenient and safer to enter Namibia.

You can enjoy a bus ride directly to Namibia if you are from Botswana, Cape Town, Johannesburg or Victoria Falls. It will give you insight of real lifestyle and true culture, while you can enjoy a cheap bus ride with panoramas.